The smart Trick of news api That Nobody is Discussing

The smart Trick of news api That Nobody is Discussing

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हार्दिकने मलिंगाचा पुन्हा केला अपमान, व्हिडिओमध्ये पाहा पंड्या नेमका कसा वागला

अनेकांची सुरक्षा घटवली, पार्थ पवारांची वाढवली; दादापुत्राला वाय प्लस सिक्युरिटी, कारण काय?

मनोरंजनकाय घडलं असं त्यादिवशी? जे धर्मेंद्र अजून विसरले नाहीयेत!

फैक्ट चेक: अल्लू अर्जुन ने किया कांग्रेस पार्टी का प्रचार? न्यूयॉर्क का दो साल पुराना वीडियो गलत दावे के साथ वायरल

डॉलर बता बीच में छुपाकर बेच देता था साबुन... लाखों की ठगी करने वाला शातिर ठग गिरफ्तार

पित्रोदा के बचाव में क्या बोली कांग्रेस?

शिवतारेंना नडला, पक्षासाठी लढला, अजितदादांचा 'आनंद' आता का रुसला? प्रचारातून एकाएकी गायब

कोट्यधीश रावसाहेब दानवे! एकही कार नाही, ५० तोळे सोनं अन् ७ कोटींचं कर्ज, एकूण संपत्ती किती?

Husband’s provision of your time and economical guidance to his mom will not constitute domestic violence, a neighborhood court has reported.

All our up­dates as Ar­se­nal defeat Chelsea by the biggest mar­gin within their his­to­ry to move distinct at the best of your league.

“In watch of your get handed by Bombay Superior Court, the proceedings in the case closed and dropped off,” the Distinctive court docket for felony scenarios involving MLAs and MPs observed on February 12.

The petitioner alleged the MSRDC experienced issued a tender notice for the positioning's redevelopment, even so the courtroom sought clarity on which web page was associated. The situation are going to be read yet again on February 22.

According to the official, the accused operated the expense company with out thanks authorization from the government as well as the Reserve Bank of India.

In his deal with after the read more Assembly that he chaired by way of video conferencing, Shinde mentioned the indicators of the new sub variant were mild but It appears to unfold more quickly.

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